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Is not a lot, but it's honest work.

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Raw Apothecary.

Online store for Raw Apothecary, a natural skincare brand. Created on Shopify.


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Rock, paper, scissors.

The old game we all know, but on your browser. Basic HTML and Javascript application.

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Get the cheesy puffs.

Channel your inner child and play this simple game I created using Scratch.


workday scheduler thumbnail
Workday Scheduler.

Simple calendar to organize and keep track of everything that happens between 9 to 5. Fully working on HTML, uses client side storage and Javascript for API calls.

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selena quiz thumbnail
Selena Quintanilla Quiz.

Let's see if you're worthy to be a disciple of the one and only Queen of Tex-Mex. Built HTML using Bootstrap, using client side storage for scores and Javascript for interactivity.

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password generator thumbnail
Random Password.

Application that generates a random password based on user-selected criteria. Basic HTML and Javascript application.

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quarantine bucket list thumbnail
Quarantine Bucket List.

We created an application that can be used to write, modify, and delete to do's out of a bucket list.Fully deployed on Heroku, uses mySQL, Javascript, handlebars and routing.

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read me generator thumbnail
Good ReadMe Generator.

Created a command-line application that dynamically generates a from a user's input. The application runs with the following command: node index.js The user is prompted for their GitHub username and other information according to the project the README is for.


compliment generator thumbnail
Random Compliment Generator.

Sometimes you need someone to tell you it's ok. Other times you need someone to tell you you are the best at making cereal. We all need a little encouragement - meaning random compliment. I've got you covered.

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